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Giveback Homes members Chad Roberts and Sarah Roberts have come together to fund a home for Elba Paramo and her family, and they are taking it a step further by also funding a trip to Nicaragua to meet her and help build her future home. The participants are part of a Real Estate Mastermind Group in Las Vegas, NV.  The group will take off on December 7th! Find out exactly why they are putting their passion for giving towards Nicaragua below.

Elba Paramo is a 28 year old, single mother of three children, Jesling (9), Cristhel (6) and Aaron (2.)  She works by selling food out of her mother’s home and at her daughter’s school, earning approximetley $160 a month for her family.  She has been making payments of $30 a month for five years to purchase the land her new home will be built on and now, thanks to the amazing members of Giveback Homes, she’ll finally have a place to call her and her families own.

Elba hopes a new home will not only allow her to grow her small business but to work from her own home, put a roof over her children’s heads and give them a better chance at a life.  Something she never thought would be possible as a young single mother.